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About 2. Many dogs never find their way home because they lack identification, and the best bargain in town for identification is the state-mandated dog license. Some counties have separate animal control agencies, but many contract with an animal shelter to house the strays. Larger counties tend to choose separate agencies; Montgomery County Dayton, Ohio ; Lucas County Toledo, Ohio ; and Franklin County Columbus, Ohio all operate an animal control division separate from the county humane society. Some counties have integrated programs in which the dog wardens and the humane society share facilities but are compensated separately.

Scorched Earth, the Politics of Pit Bulls

Hamilton Cincinnati. Ohio and Clermont Near Cincinnati counties are even more closely tied; both have animal control programs run by the local humane society. A dog license is your pet's ticket home if he gets lost. Even homebody dogs can get out an open door or gate, so even if Buffy never leaves home by design, she can still get out accidentally. Hamilton County Auditor Dusty Rhodes is depending on this message to increase license compliance in Hamilton County to cover an increase in contract costs for the dog wardens to impound and house stray dogs at the Hamilton County SPCA.

Last year, Rhodes expressed dissatisfaction with the program, revoked the dog warden's deputy auditor commission, and resumed direct control of the licensing program. The key is the license tag: if anyone finds a dog wearing a current license tag, he can dial DOGS, punch the license number into the telephone keypad, and get the name, address, and telephone number of the owner.

The license tags are imprinted with the hotline number. If license compliance is not increased considerably, the money will either come from the county's general fund or a license fee increase. Hamilton County has a population of about thousand residents and about 53, licensed dogs. Montgomery County's population is about thousand residents and more than 60 thousand licensed dogs. Rhodes hopes that an educational campaign will boost license sales so that the county's responsibilities will be met without increasing fees.

I'd love to see us up to 70 or 75 thousand licensed dogs. We're real serious about this. I'd like to make this the premier program in the state. Last fall, the county commissioners ceded responsibility for animal control to the Clermont County Humane Society in a deal that requires the organization to vacate the current shelter on Filager Road by the end of The society has proposed renovation of the abandoned IGA store outside Amelia as a new shelter.

But CCHS faces other problems as a result of the switch. The experienced team of dog wardens resigned when the transfer of authority was made and it took several months to replace them. The financial problems involved in searching for a new shelter site and paying for renovations are difficult ones of the society. Failure to license a dog in Ohio results in a citation for violation of the law. In addition, if the dog is picked up as a stray because the owner failed to keep it under control, the warden issues a second citation and the SPCA levies board fees for the number of days the dog is in the shelter.

Licenses purchased after the renewal period or as a result of violation are double the cost. How could this position possibly pay enough to maintain Westerman's lifestyle? Westerman indicated at the time that the move was based upon a desire for service to animals. A news report out of El Paso hints at other possible motives. Westerman has been indicted for 19 counts of theft and securities violations by an Ohio Grand Jury. Two of these charges have mandatory prison sentences of 3 to 11 years if he is found guilty.

There are also charges that Westerman forged signatures.

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An arrest warrant has been issued. The interview is well worth watching. At the end of the day, I have one life to live and I don't want to look back on my life and say, 'Yeah, I made a lot of money,' I want to say, 'I changed a lot of lives for the better, said, Westerman. He said he left a lucrative job working on Wall Street and heading a venture capital firm to rescue animals. Westerman refused, on camera, to discuss his past. He stated that any discussion of his financial and legal problems "does not help animals.

Pretty much the standard tactics of those charged with financial crimes. Westerman claimed that members of the board of directors of the Humane Society of El Paso were aware of the charges and that they fully supported him. Turns out that was not quite accurate either. Three members of the board quit, refusing to serve with him.

The board has issued a statement that they will take appropriate action. Take a few minutes to watch the interview. Pretty interesting body language here. Westerman leans forward while defending himself but removes his microphone while speaking and sets it on a chair. The reporter leans back, away from Westerman during the entire discussion.

She is clearly not buying any of Westerman's excuses. At this point, the legal system in Ohio will take over. The charges brought are very serious ones. It sort of looks like the move to El Paso was less about saving animals and more about fleeing Ohio in an effort to avoid prosecution.

Franklin County Dog Shelter Seeks Help as They Hit Capacity With Rash of Lost Dogs

Didn't work. Westerman during the interview. He sure looks uncomfortable. Fashion tip, a comb-over is never a good look. Westerman in happier times. Westerman and his associate Steffen Baldwin. Baldwin also left Ohio under "stressful circumstances. The shirts are kind of ironic.

These two had lots of business failures, some individual, some together. Baldwin and Westerman partnered on Columbus Pets Alive, that one never got off the ground.

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The proud announcement was made by these two that they would raise 5 million dollars to put the issue on the ballot. OABD died quietly. Two of the charges listed in the indictment are for grand theft. One of the charges is theft from an elderly person. Most of Westerman's charges were for securities fraud but two charges deal with accusations that he used money from an IRA for personal use.

Per KFOX 14 "He also previously settled claims against him in which his clients accused him of forging their signatures on mutual funds. It gets worse. After Solomon Global Holdings, a venture capital company, went out of business, Westerman then attempted to join several animal charity organizations, Leach said. I started working to not allow him into any of the animal societies here in Ohio, so what better thing for him to do than move to Texas. Looks like that is not quite true. Leach sure did. The Grand Jury in Columbus indicted Westerman on 19 counts.

I think it might. Brookpark Ohio. Cuyahoga County. A year-old woman was bitten by a loose pit bull. Per the Brookpark Police blotter, police did not know how the pit bull escaped its yard but the owner was cited. Here is a clue, it's a pit bull. The victim drove herself to the hospital for treatment. Brookpark bans pit bulls. Laws need to be enforced. Fairview Park Oio. Police are investigating a Sept. A woman told officers that the dog owner threatened her because she was going to videotape the incident as he captured his dog.

Officers said that they had handled similar calls previously at that home The prosecutor is reviewing the case. A newly adopted pit bull slipped his collar to attack a woman walking two leashed dogs. Per Cleveland. The pit bull belonged to a North Olmsted man who was walking the dog, along with a second pit bull, past the woman and her dogs.

The pit bull that attacked slipped out of its collar and darted toward the woman and her dogs. The woman picked up her dogs to protect them. The pit bull jumped toward the dogs and bit the woman's hand. She screamed for help. Witnesses ran toward the woman to assist her. A driver opened his car door and allowed the woman and her dogs to enter his vehicle. The driver called The pit bull's owner gained control of the pit bull. Paramedics arrived to assess the woman's injury.

She refused transport to a local hospital. The dog's owner said he had just adopted the pit bull from the Cleveland Animal Protective League. He said he would return the dog to the APL because of the incident. Hope the shelter will not send this particular pit bull back out into the community. Unfortunately, shelters maintain a revolving door for pit bulls.

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Boardman Ohio. Mahoning County. This one is from Jason Cooke's neighborhood. A pit bull, newly adopted from the Mahoning County Shelter, attacked a child inside a home.

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  • The child was treated at Akron Children's Hospital then transferred to the main hospital. Reportedly, the pit bull was shot by a family member but survived to be picked up by the county dog warden. The photo shows a pit bull surrounded by students. What could go wrong? Exactly what did go wrong. Click to view the photo of the dog. Gahanna Ohio. Franklin County.

    This one comes from the Gahanna Ohio Police Blotter.

    As of today, additional investigatory measures by the Gahanna Division of Police and Franklin County Animal Care and Control are being taken in the matter. Pets are not safe from pit bull attack within the home of their owner. Thank about that for a minute.

    Police and officials from the Franklin County shelter work on getting the pit bulls declared dangerous so the pit owners would be required to put a lock on the gate and post Dangerous Dogs" signs. Apparently, these pit bulls will be allowed to remain in the neighborhood. If that's not outrageous I don't know what is. THAT is the best they can do? This story turned up in the comments on the Gahanna Police Facebook page.. My husband was walking her in our neighborhood on a leash and was across the street from the yard of the foster.

    The rescue group pulled her from Franklin cty dog shelter. She got out of the yard because the guy left his garage door open. She charged across the street and latched onto Molly's neck our pup.

    The Franklin County Dog Shelter Redesign

    It took 4 ppl to get her off. All 4 were bit by the pit. She came home from the vet with 1 antibiotic and 2 pain medications. It took her about a month to heal. My husband had to go to the ER. He got stitches in his fingers, a tetanus shot, rabies shot and rabies IG as recommended by the ER dr and our vet. The rescue group and its supporters could care less that this dog attacked. They didn't pay any of our medical or vet bills.

    We have had to get attorneys. The petfinder ad contains NO mention of the attack and the ad on their social media downplays it and implies my husband is to blame for being bit - apparently he didn't follow some unknown protocol to get this beast off our 25lb pup. Here is a link to material on a attack on a foster by a pit from I have A Dream. The thing had a history of attacking fosters but the group did not tell new fosters. The group also had no insurance to cover the medical bills for the second attack.

    Here is a link. It is the last story in the post. Some thing never change, I Have A Dream is one of them. Ohio has laws regulating rescues, how is this one still in business? Why did it take this long? Mark Kumpf, the County Dog Warden in Montgomery County Ohio, who certainly makes the short list for any honors consideration for inept dog wardens, will no longer be employed by Montgomery County.

    Tuesday, October 9, October pit bull roundup.

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    Journalism without thought is nothing more than breed advocacy with a byline. Dog fighters in Cleveland, pit bulls attack pit bulls, pit bulls kill tiny pets,. Here are examples of journalism without thought. We begin and end this post with on same topic, reporters who don't think before the present a story. WHIO writes about the glut of pit bulls in shelters as the result of overbreeding.

    So far, we are on the same page. Pit bull advocates admit that yes, pit bulls are overbred. So far we are on the same page. However, history tells us that pit bull owners have no interest in neuter and spay, even when the surgery is free. These grants fail to make any difference because pit bull owners breed pit bull puppies as a tax-free income source.

    Again, we are on the same page. No, the public does not need to change their perception of pit bulls. The peaceful public is tired of reading about innocent people being mauled or killed. The peaceful public is tired of burying beloved pets killed by pit bulls. The peaceful public is tired of supporting shelters full of unplaceable pit bulls. Pit bull advocates and pit bull owners are the only ones capable of changing the public perception of pit bulls.

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    Stop breeding dogs destined to suffer and die because no one wants to bring a dangerous animal into their home. Pit bull advocates and owners need to figure out how to confine their dogs in order to protect the safety of the neighbors and their pets. If pit bulls were responsibly confined to the property of the owner, not bred in wildly unsustainable numbers, and the public was assured that bankruptcy for the victim was not the natural result of a thoughtless mistake by the pit bull owner then there would be no public interest in regulating pit bulls.

    Pit bull advocacy needs to clean up its own mess. On August 9th a Lockhaven Ave resident reported that a neighbor's pit bull pushed its owner out of the way and escaped from the house. The victim was bitten on the arm. The victim was treated at Southwest General Hospital. The attack was referred to Animal Control. On August 11th a woman walking her dog on Sylvia Ave. She and her dog walked past a pit bull, also being walked.

    The victim was bitten on the leg. The case was referred to Brookpark Animal Control. Brookpark regulates pit bulls. The adult owner of the pit bull stated that the child was only holding the leash until he could come outside to walk his dog and that the pit bull " had never done anything like this before.

    How many times do we hear this excuse? More information was included in an article in the West Life, a neighborhood newspaper, but this is behind a paywall. I have a copy of the article sent to me by a reader. She was owned and walked by her owner, David Ostroske, a Cleveland State University police officer, and his wife Doreen. Angel was adopted from a shelter six years ago. The pit bull, Jax, weighed 80 pounds and was adopted from a shelter five years ago by Michael Cowan, a Marine recruiter, and his family while he was stationed in North Carolina.

    The Cowans moved to North Olmsted in April. How could Cowan be completely unaware that his dog might be regulated in North Olmsted? Jax the pit bull was euthanized. Brooke Cowan told the reporter "We're not getting another pit bull, not after something like this. We feel terrible for what happened to that dog and its family.

    Doreen Ostroske told the reporter "We know that the dog's owner's didn't mean for this to happen, but people have to be aware of the high risks and responsibilities of owning a pit bull. I honestly don't understand why someone would own one in a family neighborhood.

    Thirteen dogs were "rescued" from Cook's property. We fully expect to find these bred for bloodsport, pit trained and tested pit bulls now housed at the City of Cleveland Kennels will be offered for adoption to the public through the City Dogs program. Watch the video on the news link.