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Better yet, why should I be reading this?

If you don't know the answer, go back to the drawing board. Stephanie of Not Entirely Perfect has this magical way of talking about minimalism.

How to Create a Dynamic Voice and Add Personality to Your Writing - Enchanting Marketing

She's also a list wizard. Seriously, she sets her mind to something, then does it.

How to Find Your Writing Voice — Improve Your Writing Style!

I need to learn to do that. I feel like every time I read her posts she has a clear goal. She is telling me exactly the point and I understand it, every time. I can't tell you enough how much you learn when you read. When I read a book I love I write in the margins. I turn over pages. I circle. I did this recently with some books I was reading because they just spoke to me.

I love to read books I wish I could write. I am constantly inspired by other bloggers, authors, and podcasters and think this is one of the best ways to find YOUR voice. This isn't copying. This is reading their nuances and recognizing how they align with your own.

Why Voice & Tone Matter

While I don't sound at all like Lauryn of the Skinny Confidential , I am mesmerized by her strong voice on her blog. Even if I read one sentence, I know it's her. She has a way of writing that sounds exactly as if she were speaking aloud. And while she can be controversial, people flock to her brand of jargon. Having a voice for your blog is essential. It's what ties together the words to an actual story.

Your audience will continue to swell when you point them in the right direction, and often, that means crafting your voice. Get access to the resource collection! Free tools, ebooks, downloads, and more! Join 35, others who have access to this exclusive library!

Tone of Voice in Copywriting & Your Brand (w/ Examples)

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Get access to the resource collection of ebooks, downloads, and more! Subscribe now. About Me New? Start Here! Personality When you talk to your friends and family, how would the describe you?

See a Problem?

Tell a Story One thing I often note from bloggers is that they give the facts, straightforward. Finish the thought I read a blog post recently because the title spoke to me. Read I can't tell you enough how much you learn when you read. I'd love to know your favorite bloggers to read that have a stellar voice?

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  • What Is a Writer's Voice?!

A voice in literature is the form or a format through which narrators tell their stories. It is prominent when a writer places himself herself into words, and provides a sense that the character is real person, conveying a specific message the writer intends to convey. When a writer engages personally with a topic, he imparts his personality to that piece of literature. This individual personality is different from other individual personalities, which other writers put into their own works.

Thus, voice is a unique personality of a literary work. Depending upon the type of work, authors may use a single voice, or multiple voices. Mint by Intuit is a personal finance app to manage your money. Create budgets and check credit scores, too—all from a single web app. Many people have struggles with their funds. Mint posts plenty to provide hope, tips, and relief. Having trouble building your emergency savings?

You can get tacos all over the place. Boy, do those adjectives come across clearly in everything they do. They even have a public style guide for their voice and tone. Mailchimp helps businesses become the brand they always wanted to be, with their digital marketing tools. They revamped their site, tone, and voice recently. Raise your hand or paw, or wing if you are excited for Halloween! Grand hats for grandparents. Taking Stock is an original series about the day-to-day struggles of living the dream in a stock photography agency. Watch the first season now, only on Mailchimp.

Where are you showing up on social media? Actually, how are you showing up? Everything you do is part of an ongoing conversation. People want to be part of a bigger story. Include them in yours. Promoting your voice and tone across all your social media channels from a single dashboard using Hootsuite. Easily schedule and publish posts, plus monitor and analyze your efforts to prove ROI.

Try it for free. Get Started. Todd writes long-form copy people read and scroll -versus- stop and leave. Track him down at toddsgotapen. He likes that. View and download the guide here.