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Learn About the National Do Not Call Registry

You'll be asked to list the number you're inquiring about, and the email address you used to confirm your registration. You'll be sent an email confirming that have registered the number you inquired about, or, that you haven't. If you add your number to the Do Not Call list, it stays there for as long as you have that number. However, various states have their own Do Not Call lists, and they vary in how long your number remains on them.

This is completely false. The national Do Not Call Registry, and individual state do not call lists do not separate cell phones and personal land lines.

How to Slow the Flow of Unwanted Communications

You'll be given a form to fill out about when the call or text came in, from whom, etc The information is stored in the FTC database, but there's not usually anything else that comes from it, unless they receive enough complaints to warrant further investigation. If you're still getting calls, it's easy to assume that the Do Not Call list isn't working. However, you should remember that you're probably being called by one of two types of callers Either they're overseas scammers, trying to con you out of your credit card information like the ones who constantly call, trying to "lower your credit card interest rates" , or they're simply ignoring the law altogether, and their obligation to avoid calling people on the Do Not Call list.

While the Turning Robocalls Into Cash Kit can't really do much about the overseas scammers, the robocalls you're getting trying to sell you things like health insurance, solar panels, security systems, air duct cleaning, or an auto warranty, are EXACTLY what the kit was designed to help you with! Skip to content.

On the Do Not Call List But Still Getting Calls? Here’s What to Do Next … | FTC-I

June 4, admin. Here's what you need to know How do I enter my number on the Do Not Call list? So, don't just ask them to call later to get them off the phone. You should also be careful when signing up for sweepstakes and free product offers. If you do get telemarketing calls after signing up for a sweepstakes, again just firmly state you want off their list. Under the Do Not Call rules, most businesses can't hit you with prerecorded telemarketing messages, also called robocalls, without your written permission. Political robocalls and informational robocalls, such as those received from health care providers, banks and schools, are still allowed, though.

Every year or so, a hoax burns like wildfire through email inboxes and social networks warning that all cellphone numbers are about to go public.

Register your mobile number right away! Strangely enough, the only thing the hoax message gets right is the number to call. For the record, mobile telephone numbers have never been in any danger of being made public or released to telemarketers.

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Additionally, there has never been a deadline to register your cellphone. And you don't need to renew every five years this was a rule for landlines that was axed in The FTC says that unsolicited telemarketing calls or robocalls to cellphones are illegal anyway. It's still a good idea to sign up, though, in case the rules ever change. Again, you'll need to provide information about the date and time of the call, the caller's number and so forth so the FTC can track them down.

One benefit of signing your phones up on the Do Not Call list is that you also stand a better chance of spotting a phone scammer when you aren't wading through legitimate calls, too. You should always be suspicious of unsolicited callers. Get more details on the various types of phone scams and how you can avoid being tricked. Telemarketers and scammers aren't the only ones who can bug you non-stop.

How to STOP Telemarketers from Calling Your Cell Phone, National Do Not Call List

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